Topaze : Amitié et Relation

Topaze : Amitié et Relation


Entre en relation avec le monde extérieur sans peur ni crainte. Lâche prise sans avoir d’attentes et trouve un juste équilibre dans tes échanges professionnels et privés. Sors de ta bulle, fais des rencontres et invite l'autre à partager tes richesses spirituelles, intellectuelles et matérielles. 

Origine du Cristal : Tanzanie (Arusha)
Appliquer 3 sprays sur l'aura, le matin jusqu'à rééquilibration.

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Topaz is a mineral species of the silicate group. Known since ancient times, Topaz has been described by the Belgian mineralogist A. de Boodt in 1609. Its name comes from Sanskrit "tapas" meaning "fire" or of the Greek word "Τοpáziοs" meaning "desert place" or even from "Topazos" in connection with the desert island of Zabargad in the Red Sea where it was discovered for the first time, the true origin of the name is actually uncertain. 

The Topaz essence helps us to step out of our habits and to relate with others. It invites us to forge bonds, share experiences and communicate with the outside world. The Topaz essence also allows us to let go, without expectations and to find a balance in our exchanges, both in our professional and private relationships.

There are no contraindication for the use of any of Nasoha essences and no risk in case of ingestion. 
The essence can be used without any danger for children, animals and plants.
The essence can be mixed with any massage oil.
To be used till full harmonization.
External Use.