Aigue-Marine : Engagement et Fidelité

Aigue-Marine : Engagement et Fidelité


Pierre du marin, garde le cap sur tes objectifs, reste fidèle à toi-même et va là où tu t’es promis d’aller. Trouve la force d’aller jusqu’au bout des choses sans te laisser influencer par le monde extérieur. Engage-toi, suis ton chemin, tu te mèneras à bon port.

Origine du Cristal : Brésil (Minas Gereis)
Appliquer 3 sprays sur l'aura, le matin jusqu'à rééquilibration.

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Aquamarine, from the Latin "aqua marina" which means "sea water" is a mineral group of silicates, belonging to the beryl family as the Emerald (green), the Morganite (pink), the Goshenite (colorless), the Heliodorus (yellow). 

Stone of the sailor, the Aquamarine essence allows us to stay focused on our goals. It helps us stay true to ourselves, without being influenced by the outside world and to go where we had promised to go. It promotes commitment to a job, a relationship ... and from now on, it will dare us to question ourselves, without escape.

There are no contraindication for the use of any of Nasoha essences and no risk in case of ingestion. 
The essence can be used without any danger for children, animals and plants.
The essence can be mixed with any massage oil.
To be used till full harmonization.
External Use.